Air2Air Meeting

Two aerobatic pilots in formation.

25 photographers capturing their every turn across the sky.

Exceptional aerobatic skills with amazing scenery.

Upside down and around.


When two world class aerobatic pilots show their incredible skill set in the skies, it better be recorded photographically. This time 25 photographers follow the Red Bull athletes into the skies for extra spectacular images of the formation flight. The skyvan carrying the photographers is being chased by both pilots (Dario and Luke), showing off their immense competence in maneuvering their Zivko Edge 540 airplanes across the horizon.


This special project highlights the art of aerobatic formation flying. This time the photographers are located right in the middle of the action, which makes for exceptional photographic footage with the polish landscape in the background. Organization by Slawek Hesja Krajniewski Photo Credits: Slawomir Krajniewski / RB Content Pool