Bull Vs Plane

Speed and Style is in their blood.

A race from the peak of Livigno Mountain to the valley’s ice track.

Who will take the glorious victory?

Dario Costa vs Lamborghini


This unique race will demand a lot of Dario Costa and his counterpart. Starting at the top of Livigno Mountain Dario chases the freeskier down to the valley. There, the freeskier will have to hurry when swapping to take the Lamborghini Aventador S for a race against Dario’s Zivko Edge 540. Both pilots will have to stay focused as this high speed competition commands all their attention and skills. Bull and plane will chase each other across Lamborghini’s Winter Academy ice racetrack before finally hitting the finish line.

Plane and car stats

Zivko Edge 540 Lamborghini Aventador S
340 hp 740 hp
426 km/h 350 km/h
  Photo Credits: Eros Maggi