Venice Flyover

Summer in the city.Iconic landmarks.From a new perspective.


For this stunt, Dario Costa navigated the skies above the magnificent city of Venice. He treated the residents and tourists with a spectacular airshow, flying across the cityscape of marble palaces, with landmarks such as the Grand Canal and the Piazza San Marco gleaming beneath his wings. “To my knowledge, this is the first air-to-air photoshoot ever done over this beautiful and unique city,” said Costa, “and to have the honor of flying it as a home pilot was something I will always remember.”


The first Italian pilot in the Red Bull Air Race, Dario Costa, experienced a new career highlight thanks to the recent opportunity to take off over Italy’s world-famous city of canals. The flight was captured by photographer Joerg Mitter via helicopter. Photo Credits: Jörg Mitter / RB Content Pool