Briko vs Lindsey

He is one of the fastest pilots on this planet.

She is the most successful woman in skiing ever.

The new Briko helmet, delivered by air from Dario Costa to Lindsey Vonn.

Fast, Faster, Superfast.


The new skiing helmet of Lindsey Vonn gets a spectacular delivery via air. Red Bull Air race pilot Dario Costa is tasked with this mission, ensuring maximum adrenalin on this 360° video flight across the sky. This is the very first commercial aerobatic video filmed with a 360° camera, allowing the viewer to fully immerse themselves in the breathtaking panorama and extreme sports of aerobatics. From takeoff all the way back to the runway, Dario makes this exceptional “delivery-flight” in his aerobatic plane (Zivko Edge 540) an electrifying experience.

Red Bull x Lindsey Vonn Foundation

The new Briko skiing helmets were developed in a cooperation with Red Bull and the Lindsey Vonn Foundation. Focal point of the film is the magnificient Hangar 7, showing off the mountain scenery around and above Salzburg, Austria.   Photo Credits: Stefano Sciuto